Cast and crew at final dress rehearsal
cast and staff_DSC_3000

Here is a link to images from the final dress rehearsal (Thursday, March 7, 2013)

(all photos below by Gina Davison Photography)

Here are the people who are bringing you “Birth” in San Antonio:

Director – Jan Olsen                    Producer – Suzanne de Leon
BirthActors12                              BirthActors19

The eight-woman cast for “Birth“:
Crista Elizondo    BirthActors10          Luchina Fletcher    BirthActors15

Xelina Flores-Chasnoff   BirthActors14     Alisa Voss Godfrey   BirthActors09

Desiree Jemal   BirthActors03          Kara McGinnis  BirthActors04

Lisa Moon    BirthActors13         Janet Trevino-Elizarraraz   BirthActors11


Character actors performing in “Birth”:

Lorraine Anastasio       lorraine-a-photo(3)BW        Jessica Arno   BirthActors18

Elizabeth Brandon   BirthActors06           Jay Brandon  BirthActors17

Paul Godfrey   BirthActors01             Blake Harrington   blake_harrington

Rebecca Edgin Harrington   rebecca_edgin_harrington     Peter Moon    BirthActors08

Chuck Robinson    Chuck Robinson                  Brian Salmon   BirthActors05 _______________________________________________________________________________

Front of the House –                                  Stage Manager –
Eliza Gonzales                                          Becky McCarty Kuenstler
Eliza Gonzalez                                 BirthActors07
Thanks again to Gina Davison Photography)